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Hope Inn is engaged in educating students with special needs in a way that focus and address their individual differences and needs. These children are provided with individualized therapeutic care in a nurturing, learning environment through the expertise of trained teachers, expert therapists, and support staff. Our focus remains to help our students to achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency and success in their learning ability and an overall improvement in their living conditions vis a vis their home and community.

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Phone: +92 (334) 544-4954
Address: Plot No.12, Street No.9, Block C, Soan Garden, Islamabad, Pakistan

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Every Child is Unique & different in his needs

My son was admitted to HOPE INN 2 years back with severe socializing shyness, poor response issues. During his stay he has been handled professionally by staff and we have observed massive improvement in child's behavior. On top of it, Hammad has been advised to join regular school. Indeed a very satisfying moment for us.

Credit goes to the tea professionally run by Ms. shazia Malik. Best wishes for their efforts for child development institute.

Hammad F

HOPE INN is really a hope for the parents who are desperate to hear their children talking. There is visible change in Ammar's speaking, although there is long way to go , yet, Ammar has improved a lot. The whole credit goes to Maam Shazia, her pain, dedication and devotion for these children is marvelous. This is Ms. Shazia Malik and her institution HOPE INN who made it possible for my son to join the normal school and express his emotions.

Our ll respect and honor or Ms. Shazia.

Ammar Ejaz F

I have great experience at HOPE INN. You people have done great job in character building of my child  and made solid base of children. I highly recommend this school to parents having children  with special needs and suggest to management to prepare a set up for senior classes as well.

Allah bless you.

I have noted a pleasant change in behavior my daughter and same is noted and communicated by our friends and family as well. Her sitting span and imitation skills are improved a lot and she is now getting reciprocal as well. Hope to see more changes in future as well. I will recommend this institute to all parents of special need children.

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